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Monday, March 12, 2012

*Updated $8 Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery, Free Shipping

Looks like the deal is over, the site doesn't have any trace of the deal anywhere, but the battery is sell for less than $15. Click the link below to buy it. I will review it when it comes in.

It is hard to turn down a deal. When looking at the $70 extended battery, and then seeing it for $8, it is a no-brainer to put the virtual cash down on the digital countertop (Google Checkout in this case), and roll the dice. Make no mistake, this is a dice roll. These cheap generic batteries are notorious for being total crapshoots, you might get a decent battery or you might get a nice paperweight.

The website selling the batteries, cellular factory, seems to have a running total going. After my purchase, the website was listing 311 sold with the first 1,000 being sold for $8. However, that statement is crossed out. So who's to say what's going on.
The guys at Droid Life have a code for free shipping: 1H7RFK. Enter that code at checkout and get free shipping. It seems like it will ship in 4-5 business days. If I get mine in the next two weeks, I will be happy and of course I will be writing up a review of the battery once I get it dialed in.
Hopefully if my sexy Gnex is going to look like a tank, it will work all day. Currently I kill the battery in 4 hours, so I need something to last me when I head to CTIA in May.
What do you think? Are you going to buy it?
Source: Droid-Life