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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aspect of the Daddy March 25, 2014

Hey guys, it's time for another quick post for Aspect of the Daddy! Today's show features an app called Carat and it will help you figure ways to extend the life of your battery on your Android and iOS devices. It's free and available on the Google Play Store and the App store on iOS.

Carat works by comparing your phone's performance with all the other phones using the app. Did I mention that this is a project of UC Berkeley? So there's no commercial aspect here, nobody is making money on the app or your data.

Just install Carat and open it a couple of times a week. When it's open, Carat will send your data to the cloud and the servers will crunch your data and give you some interesting information for you to look at. Carat will show you bugs that it's found and energy hogs, and tell you how to stop the offending apps from using up your battery. It also is able to tell you how much battery you will save by following the advice it gives.

Because of the nature of the operating systems, Carat works wonders on Android and works well on iOS. iOS tends to wall off apps from talking to one another, as a security measure, and Carat is limited on iPhones. It also takes Carat much longer to return data on iPhones. I suspect that iOS 7's aggressive task killing is to blame here.

Regardless, with enough time, Carat might save you a couple of hours (or more) of battery life during your day.  Find the download links below and don't forget to listen to my segments on the HearthCast podcasts!

Source: Carat 

Download on Android
Download on iOS

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