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Saturday, February 25, 2012

POGO Dock Finally Available for Galaxy Nexus

If you are wondering what POGO pins are and what the heck they do in a dock, you are not alone. The Galaxy Nexus has three little metal pins on the right hand side of the device, and these pins are used to charge the phone. Get a dock with POGO pins and you only have to set the phone down into the dock and it will start charging. Pretty nifty eh? No more fumbling around for a plug and it will save wear and tear on the usb charging port.

There is a vocal group of Nexus owners who are wanting to use POGO for a desktop charger and a car dock. The current car dock is especially hideous, and many are upset with it. There was a letter writing campaign to Samsung asking for a POGO dock, and the canned response was that Samsung has no plans to make one: 

After speaking with three separate representatives, this is what I've learned:

1. Samsung Accessory Support cannot confirm or deny whether or not the docks for the GSM Galaxy Nexus will work with the VZW Galaxy Nexus.
2. They have not heard many direct requests for these types of docks from VZW Galaxy Nexus owners.
3. Samsung often will not produce certain accessories for a phone unless it believes that there is a demand to be met.
Apparently, we need to be more vocal if we actually want these. Would any of you be willing to contact Samsung and request these accessories, either for yourself or your fellow Nexus owners?
Send them an email:
Call their Accessory department: (800) 757-0280
On that same page is a poll, asking how much one would pay for such a dock. At the time of the writing of this post, 28% of the respondents said they would pay $100 for the dock, while 65% said that $50 or less is what they would pay.
Well Samsung now has a desktop charger dock that supports the POGO standard. It works with the Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Nexus and the price is:


That is a lot of cash to fork over for some plastic and wires. Will is sell? More importantly, will the price drop? Time will tell if the $90 price point is something that will stick, but the demand for the dock is high enough that it is on backorder. 

If this dock is selling this well at this price point, there has to be a car dock in the works. Question is: how mush will it be?

If you just have to have this now click here and have at it.  ***Looks like the dock is gone!