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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Man Sues Pittsburg Pens Over Text Messages

A man is suing the Pittsburg Penguins over excessive text messages that he signed up for. 


Source: Ultimate Hockey

Humble Bundle V Great Games and You Choose the Price

If you have no idea what the Humble Bundle is, let's get you all caught up. The Humble Bundle is a collection of games that are sold together, and the user is the one that sets the price that she is willing to pay. That's right if you want 4 games and only want to pay a dollar, then that's all that you pay. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it's actually made quite a lot of money not only for the devs themselves, but charities too.

As you can see, it looks like Mac users might make up less than 25% of of the total contributors, but they tend to donate more per person. 

So what games are up in this bundle? 

For two weeks, the Humble Indie Bundle V will let purchasers pick price points for Psychonauts, Limbo, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Anyone who pays more than the average price will receive another title to sweeten the pot: Humble Bundle veteran Bastion. Also, every game you unlock includes its soundtrack.
Sounds like a great deal, and currently, if you donate more than $6.14 you get Bastion too. These games  work with Steam, Mac, PC and Linux, so there's really no excuse not to get the games!

Source: The Verge

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amazon Video Now Available for Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim 4GB Special Edition Kinect Family Bundle Video Game System - S4G091 just got another way to watch video on demand. Now users that pay the $80 a year for Amazon Prime can get video on demand as long as you are also a Xbox Live Gold subscriber. 
Amazon Prime is a really good deal at $80, allowing you to get free two day shipping in just about anything. If you are a student, you can get Prime for free for the first year, and pay half price for the next 4 years. That's how I am enjoying Prime!

Amazon Instant Video Now Available on Xbox 360, with Access to ‘Your Video Library’ and Prime Instant Video
Customers can now watch the latest movies and TV episodes on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and use Kinect for Xbox 360 to find and play videos with the wave of a hand or sound of their voice
Prime members can instantly stream more than 17,000 movies and TV episodes to their Xbox 360 console with shows such as 24, Downton Abbey and Chappelle Show, and movies like Mission Impossible 3 and Forrest Gump
SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May. 29, 2012– (NASDAQ: AMZN) –, Inc. and Microsoft Corp. today introduced a new Amazon Instant Video app for Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers that gives customers access to movies and TV episodes on their Xbox 360 console. The app also offers access to Prime Instant Video, a service with more than 17,000 movies and TV episodes available to Prime members at no additional cost. Customers who are Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers can find the free Amazon Instant Video app in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360. For more information on how to watch those videos on Xbox 360 visit,
“Amazon Instant Video on the Xbox 360 console is among one of the most requested video features from our customers, so we are excited to offer yet another way for customers to enjoy Amazon Instant Video,” said Anthony Bay, vice president for video. “With Amazon Instant Video on Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE Gold members can start enjoying new release movies, current TV episodes and Prime Instant Video right away. Our integration with Kinect for Xbox 360 lets customers play and search for videos with the wave of a hand or the sound of their voice, and our Whispersync technology allows customers to seamlessly switch between watching on their Kindle Fire and their Xbox 360 console, without losing their place. Also, Watchlist is a great new feature that lets customers keep a running queue of videos they want to see in the future.”
“Working with marks a significant milestone in our mission to make the entertainment you love more amazing on Xbox,” said Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox LIVE Entertainment and Advertising, Microsoft Corp. “By bringing the Amazon Instant Video app to Xbox LIVE and adding voice search and voice control through the magic of Kinect, we’re transforming the way people discover and experience entertainment.”
Customers can visit the Amazon Website to shop for any of the more than 120,000 movies and TV episodes. Purchased or rented movies and TV episodes appear automatically in Your Video Library on the Amazon Instant Video app for Xbox 360. Amazon Instant Video offers the latest hit movies like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, We Bought a Zoo, and The Grey, and popular TV shows Mad Men, Fringe, Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time.
Prime Instant Video includes hit TV shows like Glee, Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy and classic movies such as Office Space, The Graduate and Brokeback Mountain. In addition to receiving free two-day shipping on millions of items and access to thousands of books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Prime members can instantly stream more than 17,000 TV episodes and movies, all for just $79 a year. If you are not a Prime member you can start a free one-month trial today.
The new Amazon Instant Video app for Xbox 360 includes:
  • The ability to browse and play videos with the Xbox 360 remote control or Kinect voice and gesture commands.
  • Instant streaming of thousands of high-definition movies and TV episodes that start and resume in just seconds.
  • Watchlist for Amazon Instant Video – allows customers to create a list of things they want to watch, and find those movies and TV episodes easily.
  • Whispersync – lets customers seamlessly switch from one device to another. Customers can start streaming a movie on Kindle Fire, then pick up right where they left off on their Xbox 360 console and avoid the frustration of having to find their spot.
  • Your Video Library – customers can access their purchases from Amazon Instant Video on the Xbox 360 or any of the hundreds of other devices enabled for Amazon Instant Video. For a list of compatible devices click here.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

56% off Xbox 360 Wireless N Adaptor 24 Hour Sale

There's a great deal on the Wireless adaptor for the Xbox 360 over at this website. If you don't know what this is, it allows your Xbox 360 to connect to your wireless internet, and might be a great idea if you don't want to run a cable to your Xbox. Keep in mind that this deal is only open for 24 hours, so get on it if you want in on it.
Regular price is $80 and it's on sale for $35 plus shipping.

Friday, May 11, 2012

CTIA: The uncensored story

There is something magical that happens when your badge has the following word appended to it: MEDIA. All of a sudden your every need and whim is taken care of. You are never hungry, you are never in search of a cold beverage. Sometimes you are really in danger of getting a big head. This trip to CTIA: All Things Mobile has been an eye-opening experience for me.

As a perfect example let me tell you about my last 15 minutes. I was on the show floor an realized that President Clinton is speaking in about 45 minutes. So I head upstairs and I am confronted with two lines. One is actually a line- it wraps around and around, and people are waiting in line to get into the keynote hall. The other line isn't so much of a line as an open HOV line into the event. So beingthe humble man that I am, I make my way to the line, and I was stopped right away. I went straight in and was allowed to sit up front, behind the VIPs.
Awesome story. I am here totally for selfish reasons. No needed for me to hear Mr. Clinton speak. But why not right?

So CTIA, amazing experience. There isn't a whole lots that can explain the excitement of hitting the show floor for the first time. It's such a special feeling and if I get to do this again, I hope that I don't lose that feeling that I had when I saw everything for the first time.
There are a ton of things to do and see. The booths are setup to grab your attention and it is like a carnival when you were a kid, but the rides are electronic phones, and the barkers are women in shorty skirts and look like they belong in a swimsuit edition of SI.

There were not a whole lot of things that happened at this year's CTIA. However I had a great show to get my feet wet.

First I went and hit up the HTV booth. I finally got to see the whole One line of HTC phones in person. Besides that I was not really impressed with anything. I tried to get excited over the LG phones that were on the floor, but there wasn't anything too good.
Well, I ran out of internet and didn't this posted until the next day, but it was a great time.