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Friday, May 11, 2012

CTIA: The uncensored story

There is something magical that happens when your badge has the following word appended to it: MEDIA. All of a sudden your every need and whim is taken care of. You are never hungry, you are never in search of a cold beverage. Sometimes you are really in danger of getting a big head. This trip to CTIA: All Things Mobile has been an eye-opening experience for me.

As a perfect example let me tell you about my last 15 minutes. I was on the show floor an realized that President Clinton is speaking in about 45 minutes. So I head upstairs and I am confronted with two lines. One is actually a line- it wraps around and around, and people are waiting in line to get into the keynote hall. The other line isn't so much of a line as an open HOV line into the event. So beingthe humble man that I am, I make my way to the line, and I was stopped right away. I went straight in and was allowed to sit up front, behind the VIPs.
Awesome story. I am here totally for selfish reasons. No needed for me to hear Mr. Clinton speak. But why not right?

So CTIA, amazing experience. There isn't a whole lots that can explain the excitement of hitting the show floor for the first time. It's such a special feeling and if I get to do this again, I hope that I don't lose that feeling that I had when I saw everything for the first time.
There are a ton of things to do and see. The booths are setup to grab your attention and it is like a carnival when you were a kid, but the rides are electronic phones, and the barkers are women in shorty skirts and look like they belong in a swimsuit edition of SI.

There were not a whole lot of things that happened at this year's CTIA. However I had a great show to get my feet wet.

First I went and hit up the HTV booth. I finally got to see the whole One line of HTC phones in person. Besides that I was not really impressed with anything. I tried to get excited over the LG phones that were on the floor, but there wasn't anything too good.
Well, I ran out of internet and didn't this posted until the next day, but it was a great time.