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Aspect of the Daddy (AOTD) is a little blog that I've had going for a couple of years now. The focus is technology, and how it impacts our lives. There's a lot of carryover from the things that I did while writing for -- lots of mobile phone reviews and cases. 

The name Aspect of the Daddy comes from a spell in World of Warcraft. Aspect of the Pack is a spell that hunters can use to get group of players to run faster, mostly used to get everyone in a raid from one area to another quickly. I just tweaked that concept from the game and applied it to getting the kids from one place to another, and boom -- Aspect of the Daddy. 

I've got 4 boys and they range in age from college to diapers. Currently, I am a full-time Dad that freelances. I've served in the USAF and always loved technology. I'm currently using a Moto X on Verizon and an iPad Mini Retina on T-Mobile. I try and cover apps and games that appeal to both parents and kids. Educational apps for the kids that don't annoy the living piss out of the parents with annoying noises or questionable content.

As always, a big shout out to Rewt and FreckleFace on for letting me crash on the couch at the end of their podcasts. Hearthcast is one of the best podcasts for World of Warcraft and you should really give them a listen. I'm usually a 3 minute segment at the end of Hearthcast. I'm trying to get something setup where people could listen to AOTD on demand. More on that later. 

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