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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To all parents/grandparents with kids on Facebook

Oh God!!!Look,

We live in an age when our kids are more connected than ever before. We now live in an age when information travels around the globe in seconds and is on YouTube minutes after it happens. Kids now text more (14,000 times a month in my house) than call their friends and even I at 33 have to lot to learn about how things have changed since I was 16.

Social media like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook have changed the rules. We now proudly post what's going on in our lives more than ever, and the rules have changed since we were young and used to call the girlfriend for hours at a time.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

On getting old and getting fat

It is sometimes hard for me to remember that I am not 25 anymore. I wonder what the medical term for it is, but I really don't see myself at all as I really am. In my mind, I still play hockey on weekends, can do a zillion crunches and weigh 160 pounds.

Truth is, I started a weight-loss push this past week. I want to get down to 200 again. Keep in mind that means I need to lose about 65 pounds, give or take. How am I going to do this? I am glad that you asked!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Those Fricken NY Rangers

So these are the guys that I live and die by, and I am a fan to the end. There is no fricken hockey in Louisiana.  I literally spend a shit-ton of money on NHL Center Ice on my Direct TV, and listen to NHL games on XM Radio. I have done every fucking thing that I can; to do what? Watch these guys lose. Over and over again.

My brothers are demons masquerading as Devils fans. They are all hoity-toity because their team is consistently in the top 4 teams in the Eastern Conference. They need to die, along with all of the other Devils fans. I mean come on. It is easy to to root for a team that does well year after year. I mean the Rangers have won 2 championships since 1940. TWO! Us Rangers fans deserve something.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Work and those that are allergic to it

So I really fancy myself as a chef. I am comfortable with that designation now, although I wouldn't introduce myself as one yet. Even though I graduated from Culinary Arts at Northwestern State University, and I literally run a kitchen, I don't have the experience or the pedigree to announce to the world, "Hey I am a chef."

But I am sure that my cooks feel like I am a major-league asshole right now. See, I really like to work people. I know that sounds bad, but if you are not willing to work hard for me, I don't need you. I got a new cook who is really a snake in the grass type person from what I've been told. I don't judge anyone based on what other people say, I would hate for someone to do the same to me. What I really like to do is put people under pressure, because that is when people show their true colors.