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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Download Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft in the USA

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment 

Blizzard's finally come to the iPad and it is the long-awaited card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. While no doubt has many people in a fever to get their hands on the game away from the confines of a laptop or desktop computer, there's one little hitch that's stopping most people from downloading the game right now from iTunes:

Hearthstone is not available in the USA.

Whhhhhhat? Seems our neighbours to the great snowy North finally have something to hold over us in the USA. Canada, Australia and New Zealand have the game already and if you live in one of those countries, you can head over the App store and download it now. Go do it, what are you waiting for?

Don't fret though, there is a way to download Hearthstone in a restricted region, catch me after the jump for the how to.

So why not the USA? Aren't we the best and brightest? Don't we deserve the best? I mean, we invented the hamburger and what's better than hamburgers? Isn't Blizzard made in the good-ole USA? What's the deal, yo?

"Launching Hearthstone in a limited set of countries allows us to focus on the end-to-end player experience and make sure it’s awesome before we move on to the rest of the world. If you don’t live in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, you don’t have much longer to wait to get your hands on Hearthstone for iPad—Murloc Scout’s honor."

Blizzard is pretty much throwing the game out into the world, and there's no really good way to beta test iOS apps. I can't imagine thousands upon thousands of people using TestFlight. Just not going to happen. So I think that Blizz is rolling out the game in stages and catching bugs as the show up. I don't think that it will more than a couple of weeks before we see it in the USA, but if you can't wait, then follow these instructions: 

How to get Hearthstone on iPad in an unsupported region!
  • Go to settings
  • Press iTunes & App Store
  • Select the option that says Apple ID: YOURID
  • Select View Apple ID
  • Select Country/Region
  • Select British Columbia, Canada
  • Delete your payment method when prompted to confirm
  • Replace your zip code with V0L 1C0 (Will only work for BC)
I'm in north California and I've been playing Hearthstone on the iPad for half an hour now. It works surprisingly well, although it is a bit laggy. If you have any questions fire them my way.
--Common Problems--
  • I have a balance on my account and can't change regions. What can I do?
    The only way you can clear your balance is by contacting iTunes support
    . Let them know you want to change regions (you shouldn't have to say why.)

Follow the instructions EXACTLY... I didn't and had to do some wiggling to get it to work, but it would have saved me a ton of time if I had just followed the instructions exactly. It also helps if you sign out of your iTunes account on your Mac or PC while you are messing around with the settings on your iPad. 

You also get a free pack for playing on the iPad, just finish a round on the iPad and you will get the free pack at the end of the round. Have fun and see you in game!!!

Link to Canadian iTunes: Here
Via: iMore and Reddit