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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hitbliss April 14, 2014

So there's quite a few ways for people to go out and make some money on the side, in your spare time. One of the ways you can earn a little credit on the side, is through a program called, HitBliss. Hitbliss is basically a program that shows you ads and you get credits for watching those ads. While there are some movies and TV programs that you can buy through Hitbliss itself, you really get maximum value through this program when you link Hitbliss to your Amazon account. Linking to Amazon lets you watch or rent a wide variety of TV shows and movies through Amazon Instant Video.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind though. You have to push a button that randomly pops up to prove that you are actually watching the ads. There is a trust level system, where you level up the more times you prove that you are at the screen watching the ads. The higher your trust level, the longer you can go before you are prompted to prove that you are watching. Also, you can only earn $6 in credit at a time. Once you hit that $6 limit, you have to spend it before you can earn more money. And don't think you can bury Hitbliss and click over while you do other things. If you are doing something in another window, and you have the focus away from Hitbliss, it stops and you don't get any credit until you click back on it.

While it's a little repetitive, there's nothing wrong with spending a couple of minutes to earn credit to watch a show that you would otherwise pay for. If this is something you are interested in trying, please click the link below.

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