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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Those Fricken NY Rangers

So these are the guys that I live and die by, and I am a fan to the end. There is no fricken hockey in Louisiana.  I literally spend a shit-ton of money on NHL Center Ice on my Direct TV, and listen to NHL games on XM Radio. I have done every fucking thing that I can; to do what? Watch these guys lose. Over and over again.

My brothers are demons masquerading as Devils fans. They are all hoity-toity because their team is consistently in the top 4 teams in the Eastern Conference. They need to die, along with all of the other Devils fans. I mean come on. It is easy to to root for a team that does well year after year. I mean the Rangers have won 2 championships since 1940. TWO! Us Rangers fans deserve something.

I have already blown off this season to another one where the Rangers go off to Florida for early tee-times.  Then they go off and win like they did against the Flyers.

The Rangers that showed up today are not the Rangers that rolled over and died against the Caps. This is not the team that has sunk out of the playoffs. Who the fuck are these guys that showed up today? They actually looked like they wanted to win, they battled for pucks, scrapped and batted for loose pucks.

Ryan Callahan is a fricken beast. Sean Avery shows us all that he is not a one-trick pony. The King made some spectacular saves.

If this Rangers team shows up for the rest of the regular season, we might be looking at the 6-7 seed in the Eastern Conf, otherwise we are toast.

My hopes are up in the air right now.