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Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Hack Most Android Games

There are builder games out there, most of them started on Facebook. You know the kind of game that I am talking about, Farmville, Gangsta Wars, Airport City, Zombie Farm. They all have the same formula:

  • Give you coins and then some kind of 'buck.'
  • Build up a 'farm' or 'city'.
  • Level up a couple of times. (Ohhh this is FUN!)
  • There is always something that you do that makes you wait - plant a crop, ect
  • Oops I want to build a ____ but I don't have enough coins, bucks, ect. (Oh noes what do I do now?)
  • Maybe you wait, maybe you tell all your social network friends about the game to earn what you need to build your ____.
  • Eventually when you get to about level 10 or so, you get to the point where you need to buy currency or wait days for your currency to build up. (I have invested hours and hours in the game, I can't stop now. I'll spend that $3 now, it's not much.)
  • Once you spend that first $3 you are much more likely to spend more.

This hack won't work for games that require you to be connected to the internet to play the game. Test this by putting your phone in Airplane Mode and opening the game. If you can play just fine, then you can try this hack.

Your phone has to be rooted. If you are not sure what that is, head over to the android central forums and look up your phone. Rooting your phone means you are allowing access to every file on the phone.

  1. Download this: It is a program called Scan Mem
  2. Extract the files to your desktop, plug in your phone and place the extracted file on your sd card. Mac users with a Galaxy Nexus may need Android File Transfer
  3. Use Root Explorer to copy the file to /system/xbin. You may need to change the permissions to read and write.
  4. Long press on the file and click permissions. Allow all permissions.
  5. Download a terminal emulator if you don't have one.
  6. Run a game that you want to modify, like Airport City
  7. Look at the value that you want to change. For instance: if you have 100 coins, write that number down.
  8. Press home key and then open terminal emulator
  9. Type in “su” (no quotes) to start super user permissions.
  10. Type in “ps” scan
  11. Type in “sm” to start scanmem
  12. Put the phone in landscape and scroll up. You should see PID. Look at the list of processes and find the PID of the game that you are playing. Airport City is listed as “com.gameinsight.airport” and the PID is 19509.
  13. Enter pid 19509
  14. Enter the coins that you have in the game 100 so type in “100” There will be many matches.
  15. Hold down the home key or app switch button to go back to the game. Play the game enough so that the number of coins goes up or down. Switch back to the terminal, and enter the new value of coins. The program is looking for a perfect match, if one isn't found, then keep spending money or gaining money and keep switching back to the terminal and typing in the new value, eventually the file that you need is going surface.
  16. When a perfect match is found, then it will prompt you. Type “set 99999999” and press enter. Whatever value you type in after set will be the coins that you have in game.
Feel free to close the terminal window and use the same trick to get as many 'bucks' as you need. Usually this is the currency that you have to buy with real money. Or hack your XP

Source: XDA