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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Route 29 Batman is a Great Guy After All

Once in awhile, there is a story that kinda makes your heart melt, and you realize that in this world of 24/7 always-on information overload there are good guys out there, amongst the millions of scary stories you hear all the time.

Did you see the photo of the guy in the Lambo that was pulled over by the cops dressed as Batman? Well it turns out that he is a decent guy, so decent that the Washington Post did a piece on him. Turns out his a self-made wealthy business man that has a Lambo, has a $5,000 Batman suit that was professionally made for him, and wait for it: he does all of this for kids at a children's hospital.

Talk about awesome. Hit up the source link to read the whole story. It might bring some perspective in your life.

Source: Washington Post