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Monday, December 26, 2011

Free and Fast Fix: Galaxy Nexus Can't Hear my Ringtones/Notifications

It is sooo sexy, Galaxy Nexus
The GNex is a wonderful piece of engineering, combining Google's latest software, Android 4.0 and Samsung's beautiful displays.

***I was able to find a paid version of this program for free directly from the app writer's website: get it here.

It was delayed over and over again by Verizon, and it's hard to get the unlocked version in the States, but the wait was worth it because this is one killer phone.  However there is a problem with it.

It is just too hard to hear the phone going off. Be it the phone's ringtones, or text message notifications, they are often too quiet to hear. You could run your ringtones through a program like Audacity to make the mp3s themselves louder, or install a simple program called Volume +.

Volume + is a program that allows you to customize how loud the phone plays your ringtones and notifications. Think of it as a super powerful volume button that allows the phone to dial up the volume past what the phone is set to. (Crank it to 11!)

There are many apps out there that claim to do what Volume + does, but this is by far the best, and it does everything that need out of the box for free.

I love my new GNex and I will do my best to post my findings and musing as I get to know this wonderful phone.