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Friday, March 15, 2013

DropBox and Mailbox Team up to make the ultimate box

So here's the deal, the biggest thing that I miss from Android is the robust way that Android handles GMail. Gone are the labels, and most of the things that makes GMail so awesome. Now, the lastest version of GMail on iOS and in fact all of the Google apps on iOS are pretty awesome. However, since most of the contact that I make with my "official job" as a senior editor at AndroidDoes is through GMail, I've been looking for a more robust email solution on iOS.

I got my iPhone 5 a couple of weeks, maybe even a whole month after Mailbox was released on iTunes. Mailbox is supposed to be a revolutionary way to handle email, the whole point of the app is to get your email to zero. It allows you to parse the email that needs to be attended to now and snooze the email that can be handled later on. I was intrigued and went to sign up and boom I was in. Only problem is I was over 750,000 in line.

So the Mailbox team is doing a smart thing, only allowing so many people in the gates at a time, preventing server problems and ensuring that the people that are using the app are having a really good experience. It's not like we are paying for the app, it is totally free and right now they are only messing with GMail.

So today the Mailbox team announced that they are teaming up with Dropbox to help with the scaling issues that they are experiencing. What a great way to get the servers scaled up than to team up with Dropbox!

Well I am excited. I am getting to that point where I consider myself to be halfway there in the queue. I am 329,040 in line with 211,827 people behind me.

Here is a link to the Mailbox app.