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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Verizon Customers Might Want to Not get that Incredible **update

If any of you know me personally, you know that I am never really more than a couple of inches from my phone. If my penis was to become detachable and polymorph in to any shape that I wanted it to, it would be a Blackberry. Honestly, I kinda think that I may have my hands on my phone more than my penis only because it is more socially acceptable to have my hands on my phone than it is on my penis.

Anyway that tyrant was all leading up to my excitement over these phones coming out. First up, my current love:

HTC Droid Incredible

I want! Super Fast processor mean no more waiting on the Blackberry to digest shit. I hate looking at that fricken little hourglass. Also, it has the Google-powered Android operating system. That means my Gmail will be pushed to my phone along with my work email! Woot! The main reason that I went with my Blackberry Tour in the first place was the super-fast email.

So what is this "Push" shit?

Well the way that things work now is that your phone asks the server some questions.

"Yo it's me, John's phone. You know, its been an hour and you know I have to ask you again."

"Really again, you are really fucking pissing me off."

"Fuck off I don't like this anymore than you do, but does John have any email?"

"Let me look....yeah he does you worthless fuck. Most of this is stuff he needed to know about over 30 minutes ago."

"Look I am just doing my job. Go fuck off. See you in an hour."

"Yeah see ya."

What push means:

"Oh look John has an email. Wow this is still hot off the presses! Better send this to him. Yo phone you there?"

"John's phone here."

"Got another email for you, and here it is, only about 10 seconds old. Here ya go."

...and the email is on my phone. Up to now, Blackberry has had the market cornered on this push email. Since the Droid is made with Google's operating system, and Gmail is Googlemail, then gmail is pushed to Android phones. Since these people are actually kinda intelligent, work email is pushed too.

Long story short, I want a Droid. So what's out there right now?

This is the HTC Incredible. Super fast processor, pretty touch screen, a 8 MP camera, and a whole shitload of things that make this hands-down the best smartphone that Verizon has to offer right now. Don't believe me? This phone went on sale April 29. It is back-ordered. Till JULY 17. So there is a huge demand for this phone, but there is something SO much better coming down the pipe.

The Droid X is simply put, fucking awesome. Take the same processor that makes the Incredible so, well, incredible, and put it in a 4.3 inch touchscreen with HD Video (720P) and HDMI output. There are so many other things in this phone that make it so appealing. When does this phone come out? JULY. Remember that date from above? Yeah well I see a huge problem coming down the pipe for Verizon if they can't sate the thirst of so many Incredible orders. So if the Incredible is what I want, and the Droid X is what I wanter then:

A 2 GHz processor is just plain fucking outrageous. But it is coming, and the word is, later this year.

Moto CEO Sanjay Jha, snuck in the gem of all gems yesterday in his speech at the Executives Club of Chicago, by announcing a 2GHz powered Android smartphone which should be released before the end of 2010.  Wow.

Another Moto big wig also chimed in with a few more of the device’s details…
…this new phone is intended to incorporate everything that is technologically possible in a smartphone today. It will be based on Android, and include, like the iPhone 4, a gyroscope and add an Nvidia Tegra-based graphics processor with full Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration…

I so want one. So wantest one. The thing to do is wait, just wait  until the end of the year when the technological shit hits the fan. This is one of those times when you might want to sit back and let the cream rise to the top so to speak. The market is just moving so fast that the Incredible is going to be the Razer of yesteryear. Don't buy a Verizon phone just yet, this next 6 months is going to be amazing.

***I ended up getting the Droid X and my brother got the Incredible. The Incredible is being discontinued, the X is going strong. LTE phones are pretty and coming soon!